Stay at home mom three apples tall

Strangers are friends we haven't met yet

“Strangers are only friends we haven’t met yet”.  I don’t remember who said that, but I’ve always liked that saying and when you think about it the saying is true. So let’s have some fun, grab yourself a good cup of coffee or something else you like and a comfortable chair and stay awhile.

I’m a stay at home mom three apples tall. I can pass for a teenager even though I am past my forties. I have two young boys in primary school and in my free time I’m on the computer.  I’m pretty well into almost everything. I love to read while taking a hot bath or finding great recipes to cook. Another great passion I have is gardening, oh how I love to garden. My yard is filled with all kinds of hostas, daylilies and roses, but what I really want to be successful with is a vegetable garden. I still haven’t made a good garden. My gardens are so so gardens. Still every year I have hope that my vegetable garden will be good.

I love to sell

Something else I discovered that I love is selling online. The world has become much smaller with the internet. I sell anything that can be easily shipped. I don’t do large furniture. As soon as I get a payment notification, I check to see where the item is going. It is so exciting to see. I have shipped to almost every province in Canada, many repeat states in the U.S and a few overseas.

I have items in my beloved booth on Bonanza . I also fell in love with eCRATER and a store is running there. Then I found a great place called Atomic Mall. I am always surprised with Unisquare and it is a dream. Hop on to my store on Happeno ( I couldn’t resist this one). I have a great time with Webstore and not the last one, but ebid is a favorite too. I speak both English and french.

If there is a place you enjoy to shop, click on the links above and you will go straight to my items, take a good look at what goodies are waiting for a new home. Specials are running.

Here the spring starts in the early early part of March and for the most part we have beautiful weather up until the end of October. I live in the province of Quebec in Canada. Sometimes the snow doesn’t start to fall until late in November and at least twice that I can remember we had a nearly green Christmas and right after Christmas we got wallopped with snow storms. But you know time goes fast and every day that finishes another day starts and we are one more day closer to spring again.

I also love the Medieval / Gothic period (depending on how you look at it) and the Victorian period. Somehow for me, the terms Medieval and Gothic just go together even though they are separate with their own characteristics. I enjoy looking at images of iron works and almost anything made of iron (gates, plant hangers, urns, statues, gargoyles and gryphons and such). You never know when a good idea will pop up. Castles are a great inspiration for architecture styles and decoration ideas.

I also love everything to do with Harry Potter. I spend tons of time just paying attention to the decorating details, all the teeny details that went into making the world of Harry Potter. The next step is to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. I am always talking to others about decorating and watching movies and that’s where I get all of my inspiration for this website

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I enjoy researching Victorian, Goth and Medieval times. If you love the Medieval, Gothic or Victorian period, you’ve come to a wonderful website. There is so much to discover. All the information contained in these web pages will give you much food for thought. I’m JUST getting started.

Well I guess that’s about it for the moment. I hope to count you as a friend. May you find all that you are looking for. Thanks for stopping by and having a look. Have a wonderful day.

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