Oh, that special touch


Accessories well placed, will catch the eye.

Accessories can add that final touch of medieval times into your space.   Some items that you can consider are fabrics, (satins and crushed velvet is one type you can use). Studs, brackets hinges and handles can be bought in a variety of gothic styles and added to furniture and cabinets.


Mirrors with carved wooden frames add grandeur to any room.  Gargoyles, dragons, gryphons  and knight bookends to hold your books together.  Doorknockers are also a fascinating feature.

Torches on the wall down a hall or outside a bedroom, sconces on the wall, wrought iron or pewter candle holders on the walls or a candle chandelier in iron or pewter hanging from the ceilings.

You can add replicas of weaponry like stunning shields, swords, helmets, complete suits of armor, daggers, spears, and axes. Small sized knight statues on horseback for the table will look amazing. If you have a lot of room why not add a large sized knight statue in the living room or just outside of the door to the bedroom or the living room or the bathroom or outside the door on the porch.

Dragon and gargoyle figurines and/or sculptures and pictures.  If you’re good at crafts and art, you can dress your windows to look like stained glass.  These were a hallmark of the medieval period and are quite unique.  When placed in prominent places, they tend to attract a lot of attention and can make be the subjects of interesting conversations.  Always keep you eyes out for knick knacks at garage sales or thrift stores.