Medieval Decoration needn’t be hard


Unique medieval décor is immensely popular if you want to give a historical feel to your home. I am totally intrigued with the décor of the middle ages and if you’re like me, why not bring some of that “goth” into your life and home?
Whether your home is a house, an apartment, a trailer or other, you can still make your space comfortable, even if it is temporary. Here are some ideas to bring in the “goth” Remember you don’t need tons of money to transform your space, just a creative mind and an eye for what feels right to you.

Hang tapestries on the wall, use floor length curtains, hand chains over the curtains, use wrought iron curtain rods, install floor to ceiling book shelves, use wrought iron plant stands, wooden furniture with or without iron accents, wall papers, faux finishes, wainscotting, , cushions for chairs, fabrics on chairs, wrought iron items with pointed arches and curled ends.

Flooring that resembles stone, area rugs, , install stained glass or decorate your windows with the stain glass look, use dragon or gargoyle book ends, candle stick holders, paper weights, chandeliers, sconces, sword and shield on the wall, knights in armor by the door.
Take any of these ideas and play with them, molding them to your liking and your taste. Let loose your imagination and have fun fun fun!!!!