Hogwart’s Castle can give you lots of ideas


   How does Harry Potter fit into the Medieval decorating scheme? He’s all about magic…..

Well personally I think there is nothing that conjures up medieval or Gothic more than Harry Potter. When you watch the films or read the books, you actually can feel like you’re there. The decoration is dark and drab, yes, but it’s Magical and you don’t need to decorate that way in your home, but you can and I hope this blog can inspire you.

If you need ideas on how to decorate your home, there is a knights of the realm sculpture, beautiful on the wall, or a sturdy griffin doorstop.   If you’re just exploring what Gothic or Medieval is all about, Harry Potter may be one of the best ways to get a taste of the beautiful decor. Take the Hogwarts Castle, the high ceilings and beams, candle torches on the wall, colors of the walls, the shape and size of the windows.  Just adding a stained glass decoration adds something pretty special to the room. and the size of the windows, the pictures that serve as doors to the rooms, the shape and style of picture frames used.

Alright,  yes you may say that the lighting is dark and drab, but remember that Harry Potter is a movie, YOUR home can have tons of Gothic / Medieval and Victorian elements and still be airy and light. I personally believe that airy and light plus Gothic and Medieval can go together. You don’t need a house with 8 foot ceilings to pull off a great decoration scheme either. Let loose your imagination…..

Dumbledore’s office……

Royal Connaught Park was used in the Harry Potter movies
Royal Connaught Park served in the Harry Potter movies

These are some of the pictures that just make me really flip. I can’t begin to describe to you how this makes me feel. Wonder and awestruck. The way it is decorated is just marvelous. Now if you find this too dark and dreary, make the lights brighter, add more lights at different angles, change some of the dark wood stain to a lighter wood stain. Stone and arches just go together and really do something extraordinary to change the atmosphere. Color plays a big part, but also really look at the tiny details. The moldings added to the desk and the cabinets, door handles, handles on cabinets,  all the objects in the room really add a sense of history.
Hogwart’s Library……..

Oxford Bodleian Library was used as Hogwarts library or more specifically it is the late Medieval Duke Humfrey’s Library where we see Harry, Ron and Hermione. I love books and I absolutely LOVE this library.

I wish I could work there or sit down to do some studying. I’d so love to spend time in the peaceful quiet. Isn’t it gorgeous? Deep dark glossy colors for the bookcases. Beautiful large windows. Oh the history that those walls could reveal if they could talk. I read that The Bodleian Library is one of the oldest libraries in Europe. That dates back many hundreds of years. Five Kings and 26 prime Ministers among many others have walked on that stone floor.

The main research library of Oxford is The Bodleian Library used as great library of Hogwarts.

Christ Church at Oxford University was built in 1546 by King Henry VIII and the complex was used as the backdrop for many scenes in Harry Potter.

Remember when Professor McGonagall was standing at the top of the staircase when meeting the children? That makes quite an impression on a young child. It really adds majesty to a building.

Christ Church staircase leading to the Great Hall in the Harry Potter movies

The sixteenth century staircase was used in the first two Harry Potter films as the staircase leading to the Great Hall. The main Hall at Christ Church was also used at an inspiration for the Great Hall at Hogwarts.

Another beautiful example is the Dean’s Staircase at St Paul’s Cathedral. King Charles II asked Sir Christopher Wren to design the staircase. This staircase has become famous and it rises up to the Whispering Gallery. (Harry Potter fans will remember this staircase immediately because it is seen in the movies.) In the movies , the Divination Classroom is located at the top of the stairwell.

Looking Down on the Dean’s Staircase at St. Paul’s Cathedral
Looking up at the Dean’s Staircase at St. Paul’s Cathedral

Take some time and relax…..close your eyes, doodle on paper if you like that, take out your inks and pens and draw, let the artist loose and let this inspire you to create your own castle.

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