Take a Coffee Break


hot cup of coffeeHello, thank you for stopping by.   Come sit down, have a coffee break and relax with me.  I’d like to share some Medieval and Victorian ideas, tips and tricks with you.  Hopefully when you leave here, you will leave with a  smile and tons of ideas just waiting to come alive for you.

I am trying  to make this website a complete ideas center for your decorations.  Although the Medieval and Victorian periods are only two sections of a larger subject, I think they  offer quite a bit of avenues that we all can use.

The reason why I have started this website is not only to try and offer information that can be used, but to also complete the information that is already out there.  I have searched the internet and the information I find, while it is good, personally for what I am looking for,  the information is just to incomplete for me.   Unfortunately trying to explain what the information is that I am looking for is really hard.    It’s in my head and I need to take it out, therefore I created this website to do that.

There are certain tablecloth colors, designs and  motifs along with  place settings and dishware that I am looking for, and still haven’t found anything that makes me happy, so I’m looking to “invent” it, if you will allow me to say it this way.  Since I’m scouring the internet looking for these items and ideas, I figured that maybe there are other people who might be looking also.

With so many millions on the internet and many more billions in the world, there is room for another informative website.  Continue with me on my journey and I hope everyone enjoys this work in progress and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my two cents worth.