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Stately Statues and You


   Medieval decorating for the home is coming back in fashion and gaining in popularity. People are becoming more aware and open to new themes and ideas. There are many shops that specialize in objects related to Medieval, Victorian, Gothic decorating not to mention the many online websites that you can choose from.
Statues are one piece of the puzzle that is seeing a rise in popularity. Statues are not only for the yard, they can even be added to the inside of the home. You can make your home more exquisite and beautiful just by adding a statue.

Emperor statueChoosing the right one for your home is the first step and should be well thought out and planned. Remember there is a good chance that you will be keeping the statues a very long time, so choose wisely.Take time and look at the room where you want to add the piece. What are the colors in the room, is the room more feminine or masculine? If the room is in light colored tones, putting a black statue of a Greek god won’t look good to the eye. The statue will really stick out.
Knight Statue made of metal.
After you have decided where you want to place the statue, you need to measure the space and take in consideration where the wall and the furniture is placed. One very important tip: write down your observations on paper and bring a measuring tape with you when you go to the store to shop. This will save you time ,effort and risk. You don’t want to buy a piece and bring it home just to realize it doesn’t quite fit in.

Anubis Egyptian Statue
If you like to be considerate of others, keep in mind that some statues may be offensive to others. If you really like that statue that is sexually suggestive, think of maybe putting it in your bedroom.

If you have children who are active or pets or both children and pets, a floor statue can easily get knocked over. The children and animals could get hurt and the statue can get broken. You want peace of mind and spirit with children, animals and statues all getting along under the same roof.
Angel StatueChoose a statue that has meaning for you.  If you are going to be seeing it or passing by it day in and day out, you want a statue that invokes a pleasant feeling in you or makes a pleasant impression in the atmosphere.  The themes you choose for your statues will be a reflection of you and your personality.
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