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Shop Ladys Clothes jewelry Crafts & ToysShop Ladys Clothes Jewelry Crafts & Toys on the most popular online platforms.  Where do you like to shop?  Where do you shop the most often?

Ladys Clothes Jewelry Crafts & Toys has items on eBay, Bonanza, eCRATER, Atomic Mall and Toucandeal.  A stay-at-home mom provides excellent customer service everywhere.





Items are shipped out often the same day or early the next morning.  There is no postal service on Saturdays or Sundays or Holidays.  Packages are never put in postal boxes outside to discourage vandalism and theft.  All items are given to the clerk at the counter to be scanned before entering into the postal system when scanned at the counter.


Shop Ladys Clothes Jewelry Crafts & Toys on eBay

eBay is one of the world’s largest marketplaces helping to connect buyers and sellers all over the world.  Categories are organized to help make your shopping experience pleasant and service can be offered in both English and French.  Never hesitate to ask questions, I’m always close by and support is always available.

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Shop Ladys Clothes Jewelry Crafts & Toys on Bonanza


Bonanza is an exciting eBay alternative which is proven very popular for items that are unique and NOT mass produced by overseas.  Bonanza is the best place to find anything that is cute, different, and unique. I buya dn sell everything and anything that can be of use to you.

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Shop Ladys Clothes Jewelry Crafts & Toys on Toucandeal

Toucandeal is quite fun because to deal by yourself is difficult, but two can deal better and communication is #1.  I’m always open to clients inquiries and suggestions. I’m a stay at home mom and I thank you for encouraging a small home business not a big CEO.

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Shop Ladys Clothes Jewelry Crafts & Toys

I love selling on eCRATER because the sellers information is not hidden from the buyer and you can easily see the FAQ page and find out more about the seller and that helps to reduce the feeling of anxiety.  I love selling online. I hope my items bring a smile to your face and good memories to your mind.

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