Modern flooring takes its cue from the past


medieval wall decorUnique medieval decor is immensely popular if you want to give a historical feel to your home. Medieval and Victorian Decor is intriguing. so why not bring some of the past into your life and home?

No matter where you live, you can still make your space comfortable. Use a creative mind to find what feels right for you. Here are some ideas that don’t need tons of money to accomplish elegance and warmth. This is by no means a detailed and exhaustive post about flooring. For that kind of information you need to go to your local home depot or home hardware building and consult with the professionals.

This post is just a small introduction to some types of flooring that many have used.

Rush Matting

Rush matting for floorIn the beginning floors were just made of dirt and as time went by, floors underwent more changes. Stone flooring goes back just as far in time as dirt floors. In medieval times, to cover up the stone floor, people began using flag plants woven into mats  (also known as rush matting)  that they would lay down and walk on. This is where the word flagstone comes from. Air fresheners like we know today in an aerosol cans did not exist in that time, so they put herbs and flowers such as rose petals, daisies, lavender, and camomile on top of the rush matting to disguise all the bad odors and the matting would be changed every so often.

Interesting tidbit:  Rush matting has existed since medieval times and still exists today in the 21st century.  There is a strong industry making rush matting for customers all over the world.


Laminate tile flooring

Laminate flooring Laminate tile flooring gives you the easy look of genuine stone, ceramic tile or lattes and is also very family friendly.

There are many benefits of laminate tile.

–The look of realistic stone. The tiles imitate quality stone and ceramic tile with rich colors and unique textures.
–You can explore the earthy colors, the dimensional depths, variations, indentations and ridges that natural stone offers.

  –Laminate tile floors are very tough. The top layer protects against stains, fading and scratches.

The middle layer cushions against heavy foot traffic. The bottom layer has a strong barrier against moisture and humidity to keep from warping.
–It has easy to install grooves that do not need nails or glue
–To sweep and clean, you only need a damp mop
–Being both cost effective and budget friendly it gives you high end looks with affordable prices.
–The mood of your home atmosphere will have natural warmth and beauty.
In the end these tiles cost less than real stone plus doing the installation yourself saves money too.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooringHardwood flooring is another type that is very popular. These floors are beautiful and exotic. Colors ranging fro the elegant to the rustic. They are very durable with many different finishes, colors and wood types to choose from.
Sometimes it can get a bit confusing and this is where a professional consultant can help.



Vinyl Sheet and vinyl tile

Vinyl flooringVinyl sheet and vinyl tile… comes in a roll and the other is square tiles.another affordable way to add a touch of elegant medieval class that has beauty, function and durability
With many colors and designs to choose from this is an easy DIY project that can be done over a weekend and can transform any room you choose.


Linoleum flooring

Linoleum flooringAnother option is Linoleum flooring. Being durable and environmentally friendly, it is also very much loved. Linoleum has traditional marbled patterns as well as many unique and different graphic designs to make your floor original.


Don’t let all the different kinds of flooring discourage you. Home decorating is something that should be fun and enjoyable. Take your time and explore.

Some questions you could ask yourself:

Do you want a professional to do it or would you rather do ti with a family member.

Should it be done quickly, or is it ok for it to take a little longer?

What product do you want to use..peel and stick or a special glue.

What rooms do you want done?

Once many of those questions are answered, then comes the choosing of the colors and design. The fun part is that every room in the house can have a different type of flooring. Hardwood lattes for the living room, tile squares for the kitchen and bathroom, rolls of sheeting for the hallways and bedrooms. In the end, every room gives off a different cozy warm atmosphere and even though we live in a modern age, our home looks a bit more in the past.

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